Breathing bag Manufacturers

Supporting use of anesthesia breathing circuit, air storage bag, simulated lung.

It is used in conjunction with an anesthesia machine or ventilator as a temporary storage container for medical gases such as anesthesia gas and oxygen

Breathing bag Manufacturers

Shaoxing Reborn Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a China Breathing bag Manufacturers and Breathing bag Factory, our company specializing in Breathing bag for sale, our products are mainly used in mechanical ventilation, respiratory therapy, life monitoring. The company has a multidisciplinary complementary professional team with rich experience and profound technical accumulation. The company has two production bases in Shaoxing with clean production workshops that meet GMP standards. We have got the latest ISO13485:2016 international quality system certification, CE EU medical device certification, GMP certification and obtained dozens of national patents.Reborn has abandoned the generally low-tech, labor-intensive processing model of Chinese domestic small-scale enterprises and has become a leader in the field of medical device segmentation.

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