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How do the particles in the IV infusion set form?

Intravenous infusion may produce particles from various aspects such as drug configuration, infusion tool selection, configuration environment, and disinfection. It is a non-metabolic particulate impurity that is invisible to our naked eyes but is very harmful to the human body.
1. Particles in the air environment
Due to the pollution of the air environment, pathogenic bacteria or dust particles in the air enter the blood during the preparation and use of the medicine.

2. The particles produced by the nursing staff during the dosing process
(1) The cutting and disinfection of the glass ampoule neck is not strict. The friction between the grinding wheel and the glass when cutting the ampoule will produce glass fragments and falling sand in the ampoule. The longer the cutting distance and the more cutting times, the more glass fragments will be. As the disinfection is not strict, the particles generated during the cutting process will enter the human body with the infusion.
(2) Infusion particle contamination caused by improper selection of syringe model and use method. The larger the size of the syringe needle, the more the number of uses, the more particles will be produced; the angle at which the needle is inserted into the rubber stopper when dosing, and the method of holding the syringe are related to the number of particles produced.
(3) Infusion particle contamination caused by improper compatibility of drugs and the combined application of multiple drugs in the process of drug preparation. The more types of medicines added to the liquid bottle, the more particles will enter the liquid; improper selection of the solvent can lead to a decrease in solubility and a large number of particles.

3. Particle pollution caused by venipuncture. During the puncture disinfection, the concept of sterility is not strong, and the puncture needle fails to be replaced without replacing the puncture needle to continue the puncture, bringing bacterial particles into the blood vessel.

4. Particulate pollution caused by space environment, raw material pollution, and imperfect production technology during the production and processing of drugs.

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