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Want to have "aerobic" sleep? 3 suggestions for choosing a home ventilator, do you know?

There is an elderly person at home who has poor sleep quality for a long time, and went to the hospital to check that he has sleep breathing disorder. The doctor suggested that he could use oxygen therapy at home or use a home ventilator to help sleep. But he has no "new words" such as oxygen therapy and ventilator. I know, I want to ask what to do.
   Just as World Sleep Day is coming, I will take this opportunity to talk to you about sleep disordered breathing, home oxygen therapy, and how to choose a home ventilator that suits you.
  What is sleep disordered breathing?
When it comes to sleep disorders, most young people are not unfamiliar. According to survey data, more than 300 million people in my country have sleep disorders. The incidence of insomnia among adults is as high as 38.2%. More than 60% of post-90s feel that they have insufficient sleep time, and more than 60% Of teenagers and children sleep less than 8 hours.
However, although sleep disordered breathing is only two words different from sleep disorder, the meaning is not the same. According to the international classification proposed by the American Sleep Disorders Association, it can be roughly divided into obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), central CSAS, primary snoring, sleep-induced laryngospasm, sleep apnea-like syndrome, sleep wheezing 6 categories, among which obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and primary snoring It is more common and has a higher risk factor. There is a saying that "death comes quietly".
  What is home oxygen therapy?
   There is an elderly person with sleep disordered breathing in the family, what should I do? The home oxygen therapy recommended by the doctor is a common treatment now.
  The so-called home oxygen therapy is to give inhalation of extra oxygen at home for treatment, thereby reducing the acute exacerbation of chronic diseases and reducing the rehospitalization rate of the elderly.
  How to judge whether the elderly need oxygen therapy?
You can’t just rely on the indicator of sleep-disordered breathing, but based on the professional judgment and advice of your doctor, because in addition to sleep-disordered breathing, you have long suffered from bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, angina, breathing and heart failure, etc. Elderly people with illness may need home oxygen therapy, which is one of the important reasons why "oxygen therapy" can enter thousands of households.
  How to choose a home ventilator?
   In addition to oxygen therapy, you can also choose a home ventilator that suits you. The term “breathing” is easy for everyone to understand, but many people are very unfamiliar with home ventilators and don’t know where to start. Below I provide you with 3 suggestions, hoping to help you.
   One, choose regular manufacturers, big brands are more trustworthy. If you are unfamiliar with the household ventilator industry, you can directly choose a big brand in the industry with high cost performance, such as the YH450 ventilator developed by the professional brand Yuyue, which is recognized as a leader in the industry. The big brand and high quality make people more at ease. .
  Second, judge whether it helps sleep. The purpose of using a home ventilator is to overcome sleep apnea barriers and ensure quality sleep. The Yuyue YH450 ventilator is specially designed for adult sleep apnea syndrome, which can accurately identify the apnea caused by central nervous system suspend, so as to intelligently adjust the pressure of the ventilator. Taking into account that people need different pressures when breathing and inhaling, it can also intelligently control the acceleration and deceleration of the motor, making the exhalation smoother and the quality of sleep better.
   Third, judge whether it feels comfortable to use.
  As the patron saint of sleep, the comfort experience brought by home ventilator is very important.
The all-in-one design of   YH450 ventilator is light and compact, and the anti-backflow function has been upgraded, so it can be carried with you.
  The fully automatic mode of the ventilator is very worry-free. It can adjust the humidification output according to the environmental humidity, and the automatic heating and humidification function is more in line with the needs of the human body.
  The ventilator continues the classic design of large air flow, which can reduce the noise caused by wind resistance; the backlight adjustment function of the ventilator can meet everyone's needs for different brightness.
   From this point of view, in order for people with sleep apnea syndrome to sleep in a healthy and comfortable way, all aspects of Diving are considered extremely thoughtful.
   In short, World Sleep Day is here, I hope everyone can have a good sleep and live a healthy life every day.

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