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In-depth analysis of the status quo of China's ventilator industry in 2021

In 2020, with the concerted efforts of the people across the country, China has become the first country in the world to successfully control the spread of the “new crown” epidemic and successfully resumed work and production. Following the spring breeze, the domestic ventilator industry ushered in a rare "golden period" of industry development, ushering in a frenzy of exports and domestic demand. Refusing to complete statistics, as of the beginning of this year, the entire industry has achieved exports of more than 30 billion yuan and domestic sales of more than 15 billion yuan, making outstanding contributions to the country and the people of the world in fighting the new crown epidemic.
Although opportunities and challenges coexist, the industry development caused by the accidental factor of the "new crown" epidemic has not fundamentally changed the overall technological disadvantage of China's ventilator industry. It still faces normalized market competition in the post-epidemic era. With severe and urgent tests and challenges.

The overall technology of China's ventilator industry is at least 20 years away from the international advanced level. The inhalation end of adult ventilators in domestic head enterprises is still using the "hot wire" flow sensor that has been eliminated by international mainstream products. High-tech models such as high frequency are in a "blank" state. According to clinical feedback, the domestically-made models adapt to patients' spontaneous breathing, the degree of automation is low, the contradiction between man and machine is prominent, and the second chance is high.
   And the degree of localization of the whole machine is low. Among them, the key components: flow sensor, voice coil motor, oxygen battery and other key components must be purchased internationally, and they are still in a state of being "stuck" by international medical giants.
The domestic market capacity of China's ventilator industry (calculated at ex-factory prices) in 2019 is about 12 billion yuan, and it is the most important equipment for the life breathing system. The high-end medical ventilator market is dominated by German and American industry giants with a market share of 80-90. %. Among domestic products, the production of neonatal high-frequency and regular-frequency ventilators is a blank in the country.
   The export of domestic enterprise ventilators is in the second-rate position in the world. Before 2020, the export products of the life support system department of domestic head enterprises are mainly anesthesia machines and ECG monitors, and the sales of ventilators in the international market are bleak.

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