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What are the benefits of using a medical closed suction catheter?

A Medical Closed Suction Catheter allows you to simultaneously breathe and suction. The closed-circuit design keeps sputum from recirculating and cross-contamination to a minimum. Its soft suction tip is gentle on mucous membranes, and it is equipped with a protective PU sleeve to protect the caregiver from infection. In addition to being gentle on the patient, the Medical Closed Suction Catheter is easy to use and offers convenient controls.

In one study, 106 patients were randomized to receive a single-use, open-suction, or closed-suction device. Patients underwent a washout period in between the different methods of suctioning. Concluded that closed-suctioning did not increase VAP, and they recommended changing the catheter every 48 hours. But there were some risks associated with open-suctioning.

Although closed suction seems to be a safe method of suctioning, it comes with its own risks. It is possible for pathogens to survive in the closed-suction catheter, especially if the catheter is reused multiple times. Furthermore, closed-suction catheters are also expensive, which is why many ICUs use open-suction devices. The cost of these devices may be prohibitive for hospitals, but the advantages are worth the expense. Overall, the closed-suction device was found to be the least expensive, and most efficient for patients.

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