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What are the common precautions for using long-tube respirators?

Long-tube respirators are one of the most commonly used respiratory protection products. Different long-tube respirators have different usage methods and precautions. Therefore, personnel using long-tube respirators must be specially trained to read and understand the long-tube Instructions for use of the respiratory protection system, and follow them. Let’s take a look at the common precautions for using long-tube respirators.

1. Training before use can effectively improve the user's use skills, avoid use errors, and improve use economy.

2. Continuous technical communication and guidance from professionals during the use process is also an indispensable part of achieving safe and economic applications. Through continuous communication and guidance, it can help the factory develop product maintenance and guidance suitable for its specific environment and usage habits. Maintenance recommendations, improve the company's personal protection management system.

3. Long tube respirator is not suitable for hypoxic working environment. The hypoxic working environment is an IDLH (immediately endangering life and health) environment in China, and my country stipulates that the environment with an oxygen volume fraction less than 19.8% is an anoxic environment.

4. Before use, after checking and wearing it, perform a test. After the test is completed, enter the working environment. When in the spraying workshop, the operator should keep wearing it continuously.

5. After use, leave the spraying environment before removing the system; when removing, first remove the hood, and then turn off the air supply system.

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