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What are the functions of medical coaxial circuits?

Improves moisture output aspect of circle system
A new design of an upper airway cuff can improve the moisture output aspect of a medical coaxial circuit. Compared with the traditional circle system, this design improved saccharin clearance time, airway pressure, and FRC. This new device also improved the ability to heat and moisturize inspired gas. The new cuff also reduces the risk of postoperative respiratory tract dehydration, a condition associated with increased risks of atelectasis.

Its improved moisture output feature is particularly beneficial during surgery. The medical coaxial circuit's circle system prevents the loss of heat during CO2 absorption and serves as a humidifier. Its ability to protect lung function and decrease the time it takes for saccharin to clear the body has also been studied. In a recent study, researchers compared a coaxial cuff to a conventional cuff and found that the coaxial system protected lung function more effectively than the conventional one.

A medical coaxial circuit that improves moisture output is a highly effective alternative to a regular circle system. It provides many advantages over a traditional circle system, including an increased FRC, activity of the mucociliary transport system, and higher temperature and relative humidity of fresh gas inspired into the patient. These improvements have important implications for patient care and can improve the quality of life of patients under anesthesia.

Reduces heat loss during surgery
The medical coaxial circuit reduces heat loss during surgery and is designed to prevent hypothermia, a potentially harmful condition in warm-blooded patients. This condition occurs when the body loses too much heat, especially on cold surfaces. It's especially dangerous for thin or young patients. To prevent it, many surgical rooms use heating pads to keep the room warm. Patients may also use their own heating systems, such as heated pillows or blankets.

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