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What are the functions of the catheter mount?

The Function of Medical Expandable Catheter Mounts has a variety of applications. One of its key features is the ability to reduce dead space in the patient's breathing circuit. A 15-mm universal connector connected to the anesthesia navigation system, it expands to a normal shape and position, allowing continuous delivery of anesthetic gases and concentration of those gases. As a result, the catheter mount reduces the need for additional tracheal tubes.

Another important function of a Medical Expandable Catheter Mount is to facilitate the maneuverability of the catheter. A guiding tube is used to decrease compression forces on the first catheter tube. It also acts as a force transmission mechanism for manipulating the tip of the catheter. This lowers the risk of causing injury to the patient while using the catheter. When used properly, the mount also helps the physician to keep an eye on the catheter's tip.

The tip of a Medical Expandable Catheter Mount is divided into a seat portion and a sleeve-shaped member. The seat portion and the sleeve-shaped member are both removable, and the first sleeve accommodates the stent. The second sleeve-shaped member accommodates the stent, and allows for movement relative to the first sleeve-shaped member.

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