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What is the suction Yankauer handle?

A suction Yankauer handle is a medical instrument that is used to suction fluids or debris from a patient's airway during a surgical or medical procedure. It is a rigid plastic suction tip that is connected to a long, flexible tube, which is then attached to a suction machine.

The Yankauer handle is typically used in surgeries, emergency rooms, and other medical settings to help clear fluids and secretions from the mouth, throat, and airways. It has a bulbous, angled tip that is designed to fit comfortably in the patient's mouth, while the rigid construction helps to prevent damage to sensitive tissues.

The handle features a series of side vents that allow for continuous suction, while a thumb-controlled port can be used to vary the suction strength as needed. The flexible tube allows for easy maneuvering and positioning of the suction tip during the procedure.

The suction Yankauer handle is a single-use device that is disposable, which helps to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of infection. After use, it is disposed of in a biohazard container or other appropriate disposal container.

Overall, the suction Yankauer handle is an important tool in many medical settings, helping to keep the patient's airway clear during procedures and preventing the risk of aspiration. Its simple design, disposable construction, and ease of use make it an essential part of any medical team's toolkit.

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