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How to install the short tube of the ventilator circuit tube?

1. Install the humidification tank, press down, and push it into the humidification tank. Note: the humidification tank is marked with an arrow, and push it in in the direction of the arrow. When the ventilator is working, remember to check the water level line and connect an ordinary infusion set to the purified water interface.

2. Connect the pressure measuring tube and the A tube (short tube)

3. One end of the A pipe is connected to the machine, and the other end is connected to the air inlet.

4. Connect the B tube (long tube with water collection cup), one end is connected to the air outlet, and the other end is connected to the mask. Note: If there is a small tail at the interface at one end of the pipe, this interface is connected to the air outlet.
PVC Smoothbore Anesthesia Circuit
5. One end of the B tube is connected to the mask, and the other end of the pressure measuring tube is connected to a small hole under the mask. Special Note: There is a plastic cap on the top of the B tube, remember to cover it to prevent air leakage. The pressure measuring tube is placed upward to prevent water vapor from entering and affecting pressure monitoring.

6. The spare ventilator is connected. (The black line represents the purified water pipeline, and the green line represents the piezometric tube) The bacterial filter on the piezometric tube is one tube per person.

Note: 1. Before turning on the ventilator, first connect a white pipeline at the back of the machine to the wall-type oxygen inhalation port, whichever can not be pulled out, to prevent hypoxia.
2. Empty the water in the water collection cup every 2 hours.
3. The air inlet filter membrane on the ventilator should be replaced every 250 hours of continuous use.
4. The mask must have a hole open to prevent carbon dioxide retention. It can be fully turned on when a patient is suspected of CO2 retention.

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