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What are the precautions for medical nebulizers?

Precautions for medical nebulizers:
When using the atomizing mask, be careful not to tilt the liquid cup assembly more than 45 degrees to avoid violent shaking;

2. If a child around 1 year old must use a nebulizer, it is recommended that the nebulization amount be less, which can prevent choking, facilitate children's absorption, and prevent drug waste;

3. Do not use benzene, thinner and flammable chemicals to clean the product;

4. When there is liquid medicine in the liquid medicine bottle, do not carry or store the product;

5. It is recommended to use a mask-type medical nebulizer, and try not to use the mouthpiece type to prevent the exhaled air from entering the nebulizer and eroding the internal components of the nebulizer;

6. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to add enough distilled water to check whether the diaphragm at the bottom of the medicine cup leaks, so as to prevent the liquid medicine from entering the water and causing waste.

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