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What is the difference between a medical nebulizer and a household nebulizer?

1. Object-oriented is different
Home nebulizers are aimed at families or individuals, especially the elderly or children who have poor immunity and are easily affected by air pollution and cause respiratory diseases. The medical nebulizer is for patients with respiratory diseases who go to the hospital.

2. Different classification
The nebulizers in hospitals are mainly ultrasonic nebulizers and pressure pump nebulizers. The household atomizer is generally a simple atomizer, that is, a storage tank atomizer.

3. Different effects
Medical nebulizers emit smaller droplets than household nebulizers and are easy to enter into small airways to play their role.

4. Different advantages
Home nebulizers do not need to go to the hospital, they can be used directly at home or with you, which is more convenient. Compared with household nebulizers, medical nebulizers have guaranteed quality and are safer to use.

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