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What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA filter is a kind of air filter. It mainly uses the interference of air flow to achieve the effect of purifying air. It is mainly used in air intake system and exhaust system.

A type of air filter mainly used to capture particle dust below 0.5um and various suspended solids (primary air filter is mainly used to capture particles and dust above 5 microns, and the requirements are increased by a very high level), high efficiency As the end filtration of various filtration systems, the air filter has higher manufacturing cost and higher product yield requirements. It is required that each set of high-efficiency filter needs to be leaked before leaving the factory, and ultra-fine glass fiber paper is used as the filter material. , Plastic board paper, aluminum foil board and other materials are folded as a split board, sealed with a new type of polyurethane sealant, and made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet, and aluminum alloy profiles as the outer frame.

Common applications:
Air filtration and epidemic prevention in pig farms, air filtration in hospital operating rooms and infectious disease rooms, BIBO filters, air filtration in semiconductor clean rooms, air filtration in pharmaceutical workshops, and other air filtration environments with high cleanliness requirements.

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